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From power outages to just needing portable power a generator is the perfect investment.

Standby, Portable and RV Generators
Generator can be used everywhere, in your home at work or while out with the RV. Standby and portable generator are commonly used by both home owners and in commercial applications. Each type of generator has its own unique advantages.

Standby generators or stationary generators are used for mainly residential purposes and will supply power soon after any power outage. Since they are automatic and detect power outages you do not have to start them if there is a power outage, as they are connected directly to your home or RV’s main power source.

Portable generators are also a great choice. Most times you will have to start a portable generator manually. Portable generators should be in a well ventilated area when running and stored properly. Standby generators should also be in a protected area or permanent housing.

RV generators can be installed either permanently or a portable generator can be used when you are traveling, especially when camping they are quite handy. A high quality generator that is quite and dependable is preferred. Muffler can be an option with RV generators, so you may want to consider a model that comes with a muffler installed, or can have one installed.

If you’re are using a portable or RV generator that is not used often you can maintain the power system by keeping up with basic maintenance. Gas powered generators you will want to drain and replace the gas each season, so that no contaminants are put through the engine and help preserve the generator.

Purchasing Your Home and RV Generators
A Kohler, Baldor, or Cummins generator can provide you with power you can rely on whether at home, work or on the road.

Portable Generators